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Dialarad is you go-to place for outdoor rentals.

We offer a large variety of 4x4 vehicles, expert gear for many different outdoor activities and sports.

Open 24/7 by appointment!
No mileage charges!
No waiting in line, ever!


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When you’re planning you’re next outdoor trek, but aren’t sure what gear to pack, come by the store to pick up everything you need to ensure that you have a great time with all the needed gear and equipment.

We’re happy to answer any questions about adventures in the Indianapolis and surrounding areas, and can provide everything you need to have the time of your life.

I’m very happy about my experience with Dialarad.All the things i’ve asked war already prepared when we arrived.See you next time boys. Darrin C. Cochran

Everything was great.The car was great and in very good condition and same about all the fishing gear we took with us on Michigan Lake.Dialarad is great! thank you! Grace H. Green

It was the first time we packed only our clothes. Everything else was provided by Dialarad.Everything was beyond our expectations! Daniel B. Rosenthal



Phone: +1-317-555-0147

Email: dialarad@yahoo.com