If you want to enjoy the fun of the great outdoors, just get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, moving towards tranquillity and peace. Take a short pause from television and try to live among the wildlife. Enjoy cooking on a campfire while getting closer to nature and enjoy the great outdoors in all its glory. Forward planning is important and gathering required equipments will help to make sure that your tour is full of adventure and once the camp is set up, an affordable adventurous vacation is waiting for you.

              PREPARATION FOR CAMPING: A careful planning involves choosing a right type of tent. Tents act as shelter, when you are away from your home, so you need to consider some important things while choosing which type of tent is appropriate for you.

              Camping Tents usually come in a wide variety of styles, sizes and shapes, and the type you are going to choose will depend upon what type of activity you are going to use it for. Take into account: How many persons will sleep under tent? When and where will one be camping? Is the pack size or weight of tent a question? Along with, you also need to select camper vans and consider other things like lighting, bedding and equipment checklist.



             Nothing can dampen your enjoyment of hiking more than having to cut you adventure holiday short due to bad planning and the fact that you have forgotten some simple but vital equipment. Here is a simple checklist of useful items for you to consider when going hiking to ensure you are prepared for any eventuality : water, one to two liters per individual , a good quality trail map, polarized sun glasses, a kind of signalling device like a whistle in the event of any problems , the complete box of first aid with moleskins for sore protection, extra pair of socks and appropriate footwear , binoculars , some high energy eating items or lunch.

              You also have to take some preventative measures to ensure the safety of all members involved in hiking with you. Put on strong boots while hiking. Sturdy support to shoes will aid make sure comfortable footing and go in long run to prevent falls and sprains. To inspect repellent and sunscreens are crucial if it is a month of summer. Never forget to carry fresh water to keep away from dehydration or similar problems.

              Also, never embark on hikes that cross rocks and slippery or uneven surface devoid of having proper hiking boots or shoes. If you are hunting for a challenging experience, you can join some experienced hiking grouping or a veteran person. Most importantly, never opt for hiking alone for certain safety reasons. A mobile handset can be a useful accessory to assist a modern hiker.­­



              Archery is a great seasonal and adventurous sport. There are a number of things that you might have to consider to become a successful archer. You can consider a few steps in order to correct a few mistakes with your archery technique. These will always help improve your archery skills. There are a number of people who are quite confused with judging the perfect target distance, so making use of bow sights for archery practice is a good option. You can also make use of a number of targets for archery practice, including 3D targets. It’s also always possible to make use of a range finder to be able to measure an exact travelling distance. This can be very useful if you are using a tree stand. In case you are making use of fixed targets for archery then using a range finder can always eliminate misjudging target distance; a branch is also useful when attempting to measure the right distance.

              There are also a number of people who are simply not aware of using the right archery hunting skills as they don’t know the appropriate archery set to use when practising. If you are a novice archer, you can always seek the help of an expert to assist in making your decision. You must be aware of the type of target you are making use of. If you are on the hunt for instance, and you brought your best compound bow for the money with you, the hunt will surely be easier for you. Always try to get your hands on some of the best archery equipment to get better results. Keep in mind that hunting with such equipment can be fun, but you will need to put in all your effort while practising. You also have to be sure of how much strength you are ready to make use of while practising shooting. For this, you have to be sure that you have selected the best archery set so you don’t have to put in much effort while shooting. Archery is a game that requires a lot of perfection and practice. You have to be sure that you have practised enough before you can actually master the skills of archery. Selecting the right accessories for archery is also an important factor when it comes to perfecting this sport. Looking for the best quality archery arrows is important, along with many other types of equipment, like pads and guards.  Click below to find yours!

              Now that you know a little bit about archery equipment, click below to find yours!


              If you are stressed out, you should definitely add fishing to your outdoor activities. It has been proven that fishing has a positive influence on our health reducing stress level, improving concentration and developing patience. Fishing can also be implemented as an educational activity for young people, as it teaches them to be patient, tenacious, to have a healthy lifestyle and to appreciate nature and their fishing partners. There is nothing more satisfying than a photograph with the catch, taken after a fishing day. We can rent you all the equipment necessary for a great fishing. Lake Michigan Wolf Lake, Lake George, Centennial Park, Kankakee River, Salt Creek are some of the best destinations for an unforgettable experience.



              Mountain biking can be performed on any kind of off-road surface. While mountain trails tend to be among the most well-liked spots, bikers also head to deserts and countryside parks to add some variety to their program. This activity is popular not only in North America, but also throughout Europe. Destination mountain biking provides an opportunity to explore further areas as bikers travel the world looking for the next great trek.

              While race and excitement are easy to get in this activity, mountain biking actually has a number of numerous divisions targeted at different types of competitors and interest levels. Cross-country biking is the most  popular, and requires rides on mountain tracks of all shapes and sizes. Downhill riders are those searching for thrills in the form of fast descents. Many downhill riders use vehicles or even lifts to reach the peak of the mountain before racing back to the bottom by bike. Freestyle riders perform more technical riding, such as jumps and other tricks, while participants inside mountain bike orienteering use compasses and GPS devices get around the back country as they ride.